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A.  Wireless Networks

A-1 Vehicular Wireless Networks & Mobile Cloud Networks

A-2 Small Cells & HetNet

A-3 Wireless Caching & Cell-edge Networks

A-4 Optical Wireless Communication networks

A-5 Energy harvesting & Wireless Powered Communication Networks

A-6 Cognitive Radio Networks

A-7 Cyber-Physical System & Internet of Things

A-8 Next Generation Internet Network

B. Wireless Communications

B-1 Interference Alignment & Interference Coordination

B-2 Information-Theoretic Aspects of Wireless Communications

B-3 Modulation/Demodulation & Coding/Decoding

B-4 Channel Measurement, Modelling, Estimation & Equalization

B-5 Intelligent Antenna Design & Multiple Antenna Technologies

B-6 Satellite, Space Communications

B-7 Cooperative Communications

C. Multimedia Networks and Information Processing

C-1 Speech Recognition & Understanding

C-2 Image & Video Searching, Retrieval & Summarization

C-3 Human-Computer Interaction & Computer Vision

C-4 3D Virtual Reality & Augment Reality 

C-5 Sparse Representation & Recovery

C-6 Compressive Sensing & Convex/Non-convex Optimization

D. 5G Technologies

D-1 Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access & Full Duplex

D-2 Massive MIMO & mmWave Communications

D-3 Advanced Coding and Modulation for 5G systems

D-4 5G Technologies for EMBB, MMTC and URLLC

D-5 Super Dense Networks& Integration of ICN and 5G

D-6 Green Communications and Networking

D-7Software Defined Networks, Data Centre Networks and Network Function Virtualization for 5G

E. Social Networks and Big Data

E-1 Modelling, analysis, measurements, simulations for Social Networks

E-2 Big data models, theories, algorithms, approaches & solutions

E-3 Deep Learning and Data Mining

E-4 Big data in, with, and for cloud Computing, communications and networking

E-5 Big data in Mobile and Social Networks

F. Security

F-1 Authorization and Access Control

F-2 Physical-Layer Security

F-3 Big data security and privacy

F-4 Biometric security & Forensics

F-5 Security for 5G

F-6 Security of cyber-physical systems

G. Intelligent Transportation and High-Speed Communications

G-1 High Mobile Channel Measurement and Modelling

G-2 Heterogeneo, us, V2V and V2I Communications

G-3 Design and Optimization of High-Speed-Train Wireless Communications

G-4 Key Technologies for Wireless Communication with High Mobility

G-5 Resource Allocation and Interference Management

G-6 5G Technologies for Intelligent Transportation and High Mobile Communications

H. Others

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